I Want to Climb Like The Animals Do


I Want to Climb like the Animals Do!’ imaginatively and vibrantly describes how children can
simulate the core techniques required in climbing by the use of wonderful rhymes and vivid
imagery. It is understandable why the book is supported by many climbing instructors;
including Ireland’s governing climbing body, Mountaineering Ireland.

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Northern Irish climber Ciéra Clayton writes unique children’s picture book during the
Covid-19 Pandemic to inspire the next generation of youth climbing.
‘I Want to Climb like the Animals Do!’ is no ordinary children’s
book. It has been carefully crafted to provide children with the
technical knowledge to start their climbing journeys using a
very creative and engaging narrative. This book perfectly
harmonises Ciéra’s passion for climbing and animals together
in a way that is beautifully presented and easily understood by
children and adults alike.
‘I Want to Climb like the Animals Do!’ follows Sophie, an
adventurous six year old girl who loves animals and wishes
she could climb like they do. Sophie’s father takes her to an
indoor climbing center where Joyce, the friendly climbing
instructor, teaches her to climb like the animals do. The book
describes the movements and climbing techniques of five key
animals and Joyce, the instructor, translates this into how
humans can adapt these methods to aid their own climbing